Amazon Neighborhood Association

24th to 30th Avenues
Amazon Park to Agate Street
Eugene, Oregon





All Amazon Neighbors are welcome to join us for all
Steering Committee meetings
Second Wednesdays 7-8:30pm at Amazon Community Center. 

December 12, 2007

Wilma Crowe, Jon Belcher, Bob Cassidy, Ann Muller, Connie Berglund, Erik Muller, Sue Prichard (7 Amazon Neighbors attending)

* Cemetery entryway project begun; we will supply volunteers later to help with landscaping.
* Harris Street dance studio rumored to be closing
* Martha Osgood will not be attending SC meetings, yet will continue as our webmistress
* Linda Lu may have a conflict with our Wednesday meetings

SC Work Assignments:
We discussed the range of SC work and had the following categories and volunteers (Those SC members unable to attend this meeting are called on to volunteer where they might be of help):
Showing up: Everyone!
Facilitating meetings: Co-chairs Erik and _____.
Randy will be asked about being co-chair; Jon said he would serve
Minute taking: Rotating among Ann, Erik, Randy, Jon
Newsletter: Melissa Takush
Website & E-mail list: Martha Osgood
Planning socials: Lu
Baking: Wilma
Banking/Finances: Bob
NLC Representative: Co-chairs
Infill Working Group: Sue (Larry Robidoux agreed to be alternate)
Keybearer: Connie
Attendance Reports: Connie to Amazon & Martha; Co-chairs to Neighborhood Services
Anything else? Rounding up Newsletter articles?

Connie observed how valuable Dwight, a student and a renter, had been as an SC member, suggesting that we should recruit for such representation.

Neighborhood Matching Grants:
This program is starting for 2008.
With a February deadline for preliminary applications and our committee role in approving them, we might expect to see applicants at our January 9 meeting or in February (at a special meeting because our Valentine Neighborhood Potluck is tentatively scheduled for February 13).
Bob is interested in investigating possible grant projects. He will approach neighbors near the 26th Avenue link between Emerald and Onyx, where the unpaved way is full of potholes, and the Masonic Cemetery Association about the 25th Avenue muddy pathway on the north side of the cemetery.

Valentine Party:
February 13 looks like a good date. Erik will check on the use of the Amazon Main Hall and the availability of city funds for social activities, as well as getting a flier generated by Melissa and calling Lu about heading up the event; Ann will check on what $100 might buy toward supplementing main dishes.

Infill Compatibility Standards Working Group:
Sue Prichard reported on two meetings of the group that the Planning Commission has authorized to develop land use recommendations for limiting the negatives of infill and encouraging its positive impacts. She acknowledged the tension in these two outcomes and also expressed concern about accommodating infill and still retaining the character of neighborhoods.
Sue has toured our neighborhood and taken pictures of infill examples, good and bad. As our representative to the working group, she invites SC and neighbor input.

Thanks for cookies, Wilma!

Minutes by Erik Muller
Next SC Meeting: January 9, 7pm

October 10, 2007

Attending: Bob Cassidy, Larry Robidoux, Thelma Soderquist, June Soderquist, Wilma Crowe, Charles Wright, Ann Muller, Erik Muller, Randy Prince, Connie Berglund (9 Neighbors)

Planning Nov 14 General Meeting
~ Order: Sorenson on Fairgrounds, Election of SC, Panel on Downtown.
~ Connie will facilitate nominations/election; Bob will emcee panel.
~ We will make a special effort to gather names and e-mail addresses.
~ We will provide beverages, table cloths, service & plates.
~ We will gather at 5:40 to set up.

Addressing Neighborhood Leaders Council Laundry List
~ We want a city staff at our Steering Committee meetings.
~Randy Prince plans to attend the Oct 30 Neighborhood Initiative supper.
~ Mary Tegel, Randy, Ann, and Erik are interested in joining the Bowling Alone book group.
~ Those present expressed no problem with providing Isaac with our names, e-mail addresses, etc.
~ Bob will check at Sundance about possible problems stemming from next summer’s Olympic trials; there are opportunities for abatement grants applied for much like the Neighborhood Matching Grants. Erik will check with Isaac about timelines.
~ Rather than trainings, Isaac might plan for educational forums; i.e. learning how other cities have revitalized downtown, how in other cities neighbor groups and their representatives fir into governance structure.
~ We reviewed the survey forms provided by the NLC committee on infill compatibility; by Monday, October 15, each of us can add to the Amazon list of negative impacts and check off and/or add to the list of positive

~ To Wilma for fine baking.
~ To Martha Osgood for excellent e-mails to neighbors.

Minutes (really “seconds”) by Erik Muller

September 12, 2007

Attending: Erik Muller, Linda Lu, Bob Cassidy, Ann Muller, Randy Prince. Also, Connie Berglund, Thelma Soderquist, Martha Osgood, Larry Robidoux.

Previous Minutes: The July 11 Steering Committee minutes were approved.

Lu has volunteered to be on the Neighborhood Strategic Initiative Committee, which originated at the Neighborhood Summit to further the goals established at the Summit. Lu also reported on the most recent NLC meeting, which led to discussion of Beth Bridges’ resignation from Neighborhood Services. The Sept. 12 Register-Guard editorial on this issue was circulated.

Bob Cassidy distributed “No on 20-134” brochures. On October 9, the City Club (at DAC) will host a discussion on downtown development.

Bob also reported that work on the grant-funded Masonic Cemetery project will begin this fall, although a starting date has not yet been set.

Randy Prince initiated a short discussion of pedestrian crossing problems and the city’s response to them.

Erik announced a meeting of the Infill Compatibility Working Group on Monday, October 8.

Potluck Picnic evaluation:
There was general agreement that the annual picnic was a success: more than 60 in attendance, a good mix of ages and interests, and plenty of good food. Should more attention have been called to our “literature” on the card table? Should Steering Committee members have been formally introduced? Maybe, maybe not. Jana Rygas had an informative display on plans for a new City Hall for those who wanted to discuss an issue or register an opinion.

Amazon Neighbors Fall General Meeting:
The next general meeting has been rescheduled for November 14. The agenda for the meeting may include:
Presentations by local elected officials, if available, (Barnhart, Zelenka, Sorenson,) to discuss ongoing issues and citizen involvement.
A panel of local architects/development mavens (Poticha, Diethelm,) to discuss redevelopment criteria and the history of redevelopment in Eugene.
A report on the city’s “post-Bridges” Neighborhood Services.
Annual election of new officers and steering committee members. Holiana Sapinsley is not running again. Larry Robidoux and Thelma Soderquist have agreed to be candidates for the Steering Committee. We are all urged to recruit new SC members. Erik is reluctant to continue as “co-chairman without a co” unless more members are willing to take on some of the routine tasks, as stated in the by-laws, such as minute-taking, treasurer, newsletter-writing, and so on.

Fall Newsletter:
The deadline for Fall newsletter articles is October 1.
Whitey Lueck will write a sketch of a long-time Amazon neighbor.
Oregon Toxics Alliance will provide an article.
Other suggestions:
Paul Moore on bicycling in our neighborhood.
Update on temple construction.
Fall leaf pick-up schedule.
Report on events at Harris School.
A write-up on the Sustainability Tour in the Kincaid neighborhood.

Next Steering Committee meeting: Wednesday, October 10.

Minutes submitted by Ann Muller

August 22, 2007

    Our summer potluck at the Amazon Community Center was certainly a success in terms of attendance, more than fifty people, and in terms of variety of food and people. Potluck offerings were diverse, added to by chicken from Albertsons and salads from Capella, purchased with funds from the city earmarked for neighborhood social events. There was also a gratifying range of ages and family, an infant weeks old and a sprinkling of seniors with grandkids. 

    Preparations for the picnic came from Connie Berglund, Wilma Crowe, Linda Lu, the Mullers, Bob Cassidy, Randy Prince and others; clean-up, as usual, was assisted by lots of attendees. Thank you!

    In the bubbling of conviviality and good food, as well as the drawing for door prizes, the table with some sign-ups was overlooked. One piece there was a call for Steering Committee candidates. We have a number of current members wanting to serve another year, yet even if all seven current members re-upped, we would be running a minimal crew. Our bylaws indicate we need a chair, or co-chairs (we have one co-chair presently), a secretary, a treasurerer, and a representative to the Neighborhood Leaders Council. In Melissa Takush we currently have a great production lead for newsletters and fliers, and Martha Osgood is an excellent webmistress. We need someone to gather newsletter articles from various writers and sources. We need representatives on committees of the NLC. So, please add your name to the October 10 slate so that 2008 will see a sturdier, more complete version of the current Steering Committee. E-mail me at and I will put you on the slate.

    We also are continuing to gather Survey forms about neighbor interests and goals; if you have not filled out such a form, please download and fill out the Survey from the website at and either mail it in to the address on the Survey or bring it to the October 10 General Meeting.

    Next regular Steering Committee meeting: September 12, Amazon Community Center, 7pm. De-brief picnic, hear from Kent Kulby on Amazon record keeping, newsletter articles ideas, other items?

    Fall General Meeting: October 10, Amazon Community Center, 7pm. Elections, discussion with elected representatives, desserts.

    Best wishes for the rest of the summer.
        Erik Muller

July 11, 2007

Attending: Wilma Crowe, Bob Cassidy, Erik Muller, Connie Berglund (4)

Previous Minutes: The June 13 SC minutes were approved.

• Bob Cassidy reported on planning for the “signature bridge.” The Neighborhood Leaders Council was given a presentation on various bridge designs, with no decision yet about how the I-5 bridge might be enhanced as an entryway to Springfield/Eugene.
• Bob distributed schedules of summer park concerts and plays.
• Erik set up the kit for meeting use received from Beth Bridges, including an easel, large pad, and pens.
• Announcements of July 12 Planning Commission meetings to review minor code proposals and the McKenzie-Willamette Hospital siting.
• Calls for neighborhood volunteers to augment the newly formed Neighborhood Empowerment Initiative (stemming from the Neighborhood Summit) and to help staff a Neighborhood Booth at various summer fairs, including Eugene Celebration (Sept 8-9). Contact Erik for more information.
• Erik reported on the committee on Infill Compatibility Standards of the Neighborhood Leaders Council; it is active in formulating desirable code and in getting representation at the table to write such code.
• Bob indicated that as the neighborhood continues to have more renters that there should be a monthly agenda item dealing with problems and solutions relating to this trend. He stressed the need to invite students to the potluck picnic. Erik indicated that, so far, Amazon goals included concerns about both neighborhood development and neighborly behaviors.

Planning for the Potluck Picnic: August 15, Amazon Community Center & Park, 6-8pm.
• Turnout by Amazon reader board, hand-delivered fliers, website, personal invitations.
• Eat & drink by potluck, donated beverages, city $100 for a main dish, possibly chicken from Albertson’s (Wilma will look into this) rather than salads from Capella. Extra plates and settings, tablecloths, provided by us. Set-up at 5pm.
• Discussion of fund-raising for Amazon Pool Scholarship raised too many questions to follow up on this time.
• Our picnic flier will indicate door prizes (Wilma and Erik said they would muster some plants and books; other prizes are welcome) and exchange of surplus garden produce.
• A table will be set up for completing more neighborhood surveys and for adding names to the Steering Committee slate of officers (Wilma, Bob, and Erik said they would serve again. Anyone else?). Also Chris Watchie (sp?) will have a display on the City Hall Master Planning Project.
• Bob will get in touch with The Tool Kit, a recyling service that works events.

Amazon Neighbors Objectives:
So far, the surveys (pdf) Randy Prince tabulated and the discussion of the Steering Committee seem in agreement that encouraging thoughtful neighborhood development and dealing with nuisances are priorities. In the fall, the Steering Committee will be ready to identify projects in support of these goals, including ideas for Neighborhood Matching Grants.

Fall General Meeting:
• Tentatively scheduled for October 10, pending availability of Amazon Community Center space and of attendance by elected officials to present: Alan Zelenka, Peter Sorenson, Phil Barnhardt. The event includes a dessert potluck.
• A newsletter, including a slate of steering committee nominees, needs to be prepared in a timely way. Who wishes to continue on the Steering Committee? Who might be added?
• What articles can be generated for the fall newsletter? Please contact Erik.

Next Regular Meeting:
September 12
Kent Kulby on record keeping and Amazon archives
Solutions to problems of neighborhood renter trends
Planning the General Meeting

Thanks to
Wilma, for cookies
Others for showing up!
Ann for Capella report

Minutes submitted by Erik Muller

Minutes June 13, 2007

Attending: SC Members: Wilma Crowe, Linda Lu, Randy Prince, Ann Muller, Erik Muller, Bob Cassidy. Also: Connie Berglund, Martha Osgood, Thelma Soderquist, Larry Robidoux, Jana Rygas, Scott Fry, Sue Hamilton. (13)

Meeting Minutes: The minutes for April 18 were amended (Linda Lu will not determine the details for obtaining a dumpster) and approved, and the notes of the May General Meeting were approved.

Reports & Announcements:
>>>Bob Cassidy informed us that a “signature bridge” for I-5 over the Willamette River is being championed by some Eugene citizens, and at the next Neighborhood Leaders Council a presentation will be made to inform the neighborhood associations and possibly gain their support.
>>>Connie Berglund has been concerned about noise originating from Amazon Pool. She has talked with Rich Ray, Aquatic Manager (682-5525), who has indicated that speakers will be aimed away from the neighborhood and that renters of the pool will not be allowed to bring in additional speakers. The SC agreed with Connie that pool noise should not spill into the neighborhood and needs monitoring.
>>>Erik Muller reported on minutes from the Emerald Street Neighborhood Watch, formed in response to nuisance noise, drunk driving, and property damage. While the Eugene police support such a group, they can deliver, due to short staff and other priorities, only limited responses to complaints.
>>>Scott Fry and Sue Hamilton spoke of the remodel on the NE corner of 24th and Agate, a raising of the building to allow for added bedrooms, more renters. The construction was ordered shut down because the original permit was for foundation work. Scott expressed concern that more students are moving into the stretch from Agate to Columbia along 24th, that there is only one owner-occupied house on the north side there. The SC and others indicated that this is a troubling pattern of development as long as the university disburses its problems into adjacent neighborhoods.

Jana Rygas, City Budget Committee, City Services Accessibility:
Before her discussion of service fees, Jana Rygas informed us that next year’s city budget would likely include monies to help neighborhoods mitigate impacts of the events of the Olympic Trials, up to $2000 to each of South University, Fairmont, Amazon, and West University, if the neighborhood, as with Neighborhood Matching Grants, could match funds.
>>> Also, she indicated that Amazon Neighbors might benefit from the work of Jefferson Westside Neighbors and Paul Conte on thoughtful development.
Jana reported that the Budget Committee has concerns about the city’s policy of setting fees to help recover costs of investments. The Amazon Pool was developed just as the city budget tightened, so fees, as a result, have been increased, both for swimming and classes. Has the fee change limited accessibility? Given the profile of Lane County households in need, she though increased fees would limit pool use for some families.
>>> Jana brought up the fee to appeal a land use decision. While neighborhood associations are charged half the regular fees, the dollar amounts are still great enough to inhibit appeals.
>>> Those present shared impressions that both pool and appeal fees did limit access.
It was moved, seconded, and passed unanimously: The Amazon Neighbors Steering Committee is concerned about the high level of fees and urges reduction of them.

Amazon Neighbors and Land Use Advice & Aid:
It was moved and seconded that Amazon neighbors be apprised that their neighborhood association was willing to hear their land use concerns. The motion was withdrawn for consideration after hearing the results of our neighbor survey. The motion raised questions about the nature of the SC: Is it a service group? Does it have the capacity or expertise to offer such help? Doesn’t the group already listen to all those who wish to present?

Randy Prince: Summary of General Meeting Survey
For the General Meeting, Randy Prince developed this survey of what concerns neighbors. More questionnaires were completed after that meeting, and those present want the survey to continue with its being posted on our website and distributed to neighbors by others present. Randy summarized the concerns of 21 respondents:
>>> The section “Student population, nuisances” received 80 of 210 possible check marks; and for 9 of 21 respondents it was the biggest general concern.
>>> The “Planning policies and code regarding density and infill” received 47 checkmarks and 7 votes as biggest concern.
>>> While these two were clearly dominant concerns, “Neighborhood appearance” received 2 votes for biggest concern. “Improve Amazon Neighbors as vehicle for citizen involvement” and “Commercial establishments, nuisances” both received 1 biggest concern vote. Other categories that did not receive biggest concern votes but had significant checkmarks are “Traffic and road issues”: 11 checks; “Community Service”: 14 checks, 7 of which for emergency preparedness.
>>> While more surveys will no doubt help us understand neighbor concerns and help involve neighbors in thinking of these issues, the findings meshed with much of the brainstorming the SC has done in its recent meetings. Neighborhood development and nuisances are major concerns, it seems.

Motion on Infill Compatibility Standards:
It was moved, seconded, and unanimously passed that Amazon Neighbors supported the three part motion forwarded to us by Paul Conte and already endorsed by the Neighborhood Leaders Council. This motion emphasizes stability, quality, positive character, livability and natural resources of established neighborhoods, and that these values must be maintained in any development of increased density, affordable housing or mixed-use project. Further, improved appearance of buildings and landscapes should be an outcome.
>>> We will send along our approval of the motion with the added note, “High density is intended to facilitate biking and walking and reducing car use. Such density is not intended to increase real estate values per acre.”
>>>The Motion that passed: The Amazon Neighbors Association Steering Committee requests City staff and officials adopt the following goals statement for the Infill Compatibility Standards project:
"Create and adopt land use code standards and processes that:
>>>(a) Prevent residential infill that would significantly threaten or diminish the stability, quality, positive character, livability or natural resources of established residential neighborhoods; and
>>> (b) So long as the goal stated in (a) is met, allow for increased density, a variety of housing types, affordable housing, and mixed-use development; and
>>> (c) Improve the appearance of buildings and landscapes."

Amazon Potluck Picnic - Aug 15
We will plan the picnic at the July SC meeting.
Meanwhile August 15 date will be confirmed and the park space reserved. Melissa Takush will be asked to prepare a half-sheet invitation to be hand delivered. A dumpster date and place might be ready to announce as well.
We have asked for $100 for hospitality spending and will order a main dish as we did for the Valentine Party so that neighbors can attend without having to bring a dish.
We might use the opportunity to distribute more neighbor concern surveys and to raise funds for Amazon Pool scholarships.

Parting Comments:
Thanks, Wilma, for delicious cookies.
Thanks, Randy, for a clear and concise summary of the survey.
Stand by for a possible shift of SC meeting from the third to the second Wednesday of each month.

May 19, 2007 Notes

        Two city staff addressed an audience of about twenty neighbors gathered for the Amazon Neighbors General Meeting and Potluck Dessert.
         Sherryl Lockhart, Land Use Inspector, Zoning & Nuisance Department, indicated that some complaints about noise and garbage needed to be made in writing. The question line is 682-5819. Help at this number can determine the nature of the complaint and describe the complaint process.
         Other useful numbers:
                  Abandoned cars (after 72 hours)   682-5713
                  Vegetation Enforcement (uncut lots, lawns)   682-4821
                  Animal Control 682-3647
                  Non-Emergency Police   682-5111
         Patricia Thomas, Planning & Development Department, described the project for developing standards for infill and denser development, recognizing such development is looked upon with both a sense of loss and excitement about neighborhood improvement.
          Indicating that she and Terri Harding had visited many neighborhoods already, she outlined the plan to involve neighborhoods at meetings during the summer and to establish a widely representative infill compatibility standards advisory committee. Kurt Yeiter, Planning & Development, outlined how the desire to preserve the urban growth boundary puts pressure to build more densely.
         Progress on the infill and densification projects is posted at under the headings of infill compatibility and opportunity siting.
         Discussion followed each of the presentations.
         We distributed and collected surveys on Amazon priorities.
         The Amazon Neighbors Steering Committee continues to examine issues of nuisance/complaint and of thoughtful development. See meeting minutes at
Meeting Notes: Erik Muller/Connie Berglund 

April 18, 2007

Attending: SC members: Wilma Crowe, Erik Muller, Ann Muller, Bob Cassidy, Randy Prince. Also: Connie Berglund, Martha Osgood, and Nate Levy (student observer.) [8]

The goals document was amended to add as goals: Engaging more neighborhood residents, and Emergency preparedness; and to emphasize parking and traffic issues related to the dance studio. The minutes were then approved.

Reports and Announcements:
Bob Cassidy reported on possible projects for alley and unpaved street maintenance and improvement, specifically on 25th north of the Masonic Cemetery, and on 26th between Onyx and Emerald. Neighbor approval would be required, if neighborhood matching grants were applied for. It was agreed that the improvement of all alley surfaces was not a desirable goal.

Lu will determine a date and location for the Big Green Dumpster (to be provided free of charge by Sanipac.) It will probably be in July, to avoid massive student discards.

Erik Muller reported on the tour of the neighborhood with two city planners. Four steering committee members plus a regular meeting attendee took part in the tour. This summer, there will be city-wide meetings to discuss infill compatibility standards. Erik suggested hosting one in our neighborhood. Erik also reported briefly on a city meeting to discuss “minor code amendments.”

On April 24, the city planning commission will hear public comments on the proposed siting of McKenzie Willamette Hospital. Delta neighbors have solicited city-wide neighborhood support; Erik and Randy plan to attend.

There will be a General meeting of Amazon Neighbors on Wednesday, May 16. (No steering committee meeting in May.) It will be a dessert potluck. Mike McCarrow (City of Eugene) will be on hand to discuss “nuisance” issues, as will someone from Planning, to talk about infill. The meeting will be announced in the next newsletter, which will be mailed rather than hand-delivered.

The next Steering Committee meeting will be on June 20.

The Summer potluck is tentatively scheduled for August 15.

Erik distributed “A Suggestion for working with our list of goal items” (below).

Bob Cassidy reported on a panel discussion on downtown development which he had attended.

Minutes submitted by A. Muller
Thanks again to Wilma for cookies

(Draft for discussion 4-18-07, modified by 4-18-07 S.C. meeting)

The Charter/Bylaws are quite general when addressing the purpose of Amazon Neighbors Association:

>>>• to be a forum for education, neighborhood concerns, gathering information and conveying it to the city, conveying information from the city; to address matters which affect neighborhood, including safety and economic development (paraphrase of Article III)

Perhaps the Steering Committee of ANA could adopt a goals and values statement, such as the following, which indicates the matters that concern us and allows a place for every item on our March 21 list:

“The Steering Committee of Amazon Neighbors Association pledges to work to preserve and enhance our neighborhood’s livability. The issues affecting livability will no doubt change, but at this time, Spring 2007, we are most concerned that:
>>>1. annoyances and hazards be reduced (whether caused by noise, garbage/litter, traffic and parking, or gaps in emergency preparedness)
>>>2. land use decisions be made with neighborhood input and with respect for the existing neighborhood and its livability
>>>3. neighbors become more engaged so that Amazon Neighbors Association can better represent those who live here (including cooperation with landlords, renters, students, families with children, the university, and neighborhood institutions and businesses).”

In determining what we might work on, we should have people on the Steering Committee and in the neighborhood willing to take a lead on any proposal, and we should check early what kinds of help we can expect from the city and neighbor businesses and institutions.

Who wants to lead on any of these? Who else can help?

March 21, 2007

SC members Wilma Crowe, Ann & Erik Muller, Holiana Sapinsley, Bob Cassidy, Randy Prince. Also Connie Berglund, Martha Osgood, Thelma Soderquist, Larry Robidoux, and Beth Bridges (City of Eugene.) (11)

Members of the Masonic Cemetery Association, with the help of some Amazon board members, successfully completed the canvass of immediate neighbors regarding the MCA Neighborhood Matching Grant proposal. The Matching Grant advisory committee will present its recommendations to the City Council on May 14.
On the afternoon of March 22, Terri Harding (Senior Planner, City of Eugene,) will join interested neighbors for an infill/opportunity-siting tour of Amazon Neighborhood.
Dennis Kucinich will be in Eugene for a full day’s schedule of events on Monday, April 2.

Amazon Neighbors Goals:
Most of the meeting was devoted to a discussion of The Amazon Neighbors mission and goals. Erik suggested a procedure to follow, and distributed tally sheets of goal rankings from the city-wide Neighborhood Summit. A short brainstorming session generated a sizeable list of ideas, many of them interrelated.

Areas of particular concern include: densification, alley maintenance, noise and other nuisances. It was noted that working to resolve many of these issues would involve the cooperation and input of various city agencies.
In establishing more specific goals, we need to determine what the city can help us to achieve, and what we might do independently. Beth Bridges suggested that someone from the city nuisance/complaint department might attend a neighborhood meeting to answer some of these questions. She also mentioned that community block grants, for which neighborhood associations are eligible to apply, might be a source of funding for neighborhood improvements.
An edited list of suggested goals is in the box immediately below. At April's steering committee meeting, the discussion will proceed to ranking and ideas for implementation.

Thanks to Wilma for cookies.
Minutes submitted by Ann Muller

Amazon Neighbors Goals & Values Brainstorming:
Steering Committee Meeting, March 21, 2007

thoughtful densification
neighborhood input


student immigration
with university
with landlords
with student renters
welcome/warning brochure
broader awareness of complaint-driven ordinances
parking space
cars on lawns
cars blocking sidewalks
garbage cans left at curb

dumpster for collective spring clean-up

fostering re-entered juveniles

controlling commercial annoyances
nursing home
Edge Dance Studio

crosswalk signing at Hilyard & 28

Two items from Amazon Neighbors at the Neighborhood Summit:
engage more people
emergency preparedness

February 21, 2007

SC members Wilma Crowe, Ann & Erik Muller, Linda Lu, Holiana Sapinsley, Bob Cassidy, Randy Prince. And Connie Berglund, John Belcher, Martha Osgood, Phyllis O’Neill, Thelma Soderquist, Larry Robidoux, Matthew Travis, Megan Miller, Dan Roll, Ross Mackey, Jessica Leiblein, Carlos Barrera, and Terri Harding and Isaac Markehe (City of Eugene).

The Valentine Potluck fed 50 with food supplemented by a buffet from Taste of India; Masonic Cemetery is about to canvass immediate neighbors about its Neighborhood Matching Grant proposal; several people have volunteered to be alternates for newsletter delivery; Bob Cassidy and Erik Muller are signers for our $143 Amazon bank account.

Minutes of January 17 SC Meeting approved. Thanks Randy!

Terri Harding, Senior Planner, City of Eugene, Discussion of Opportunity Siting and Infill Compatibility:
Terri Harding indicated information about both topics is at Also she invited sign-up for an e-mail notification list and for neighbors to accompany her on a neighborhood tour, March 22.
Terri indicated the citizen involvement process was being defined by how neighbors wish to participate.
She defined opportunity siting as siting of high-density residences to protect the urban growth boundary. Such sites are not mixed use, and high-density areas are identified not solely by planners. The area along Hilyard, from 27 or 28 to 30, was mentioned as a site where row houses might replace ranch houses. Compatible infill would respect the era and style of existing neighborhood building, especially in the siting and building of duplexes and triplexes.

Responses Invited by Terri Harding (Senior Planner, City of Eugene) to Projects on Opportunity Siting and Infill Compatibility Standards
February 21, 2007, Amazon Neighbors Steering Committee Meeting

Listed as offered:
* value of lots uncertain, valuation deflated because of no recent county updates
* connected houses should have but some do not have owner residents; enforcement is complaint-driven
* a buildable land inventory, current and by neighborhood, can be useful for deliberations about siting and infill
* what about incentives for lot owners to sell, especially larger lots?
* single-family units do not have design standards (3+ units do, but are not R1, the dominant zoning for Amazon Neighborhood)
* current Kincaid Street request for lot dividing not guided by compatibility standards, though Amazon Neighbors should respond to the land owner’s request
* timely notification and genuine involvement necessary
* what about purpose statements for land use applications?
* some two-story remodels or secondary dwellings not appropriate to setting
* parking issues of 4 bedroom rentals; on-lawn parking a problem
* alleys need improvements if they access new housing
* alley parking blocks through traffic
* UO needs to be included in neighborhood discussions of siting & infill
* are there any sites suited to opportunity siting? along Hilyard and reducing driveways? aggregating lots? row houses? transition/buffer between arterial roadways and single-family residential
* in R1 14 units allowable per acre
* alley potholes and traffic calming, repair or not; alley paving and speeding
* what % of our neighborhood is rental? a growing %?
* quality of life/ livability needs to factored in

Follow up suggestions:
* Receive e-mail from Terri Harding & visit website: infill compatibility/opportunity siting
* Tour the neighborhood with Terri Harding to see infill, buildable lots, etc.
* Amazon Neighbors S.C. send Teri Harding these points (Letter) and a more considered response to these issues and opportunities
* Stay involved with these issues at the neighborhood and city levels

Public Comment Letter from ANA re: panhandle lot division

Feb 2005 Possible Improvements List by AmazonNeighbors

Neighborhood Matching Grant Pre-Check: SEHS Fast Pitch Softball Field
Ross Mickey, Jessica Leiblein:
Ross Mickey described the proposed softball field to be sited on South Eugene High School grounds as part of the development of girls’ fast pitch softball at a competitive level. While the field would be used by other fast pitch teams, the SEHS-based girls’ team would use it for practice and games. Other 4J high schools have such a field, though 4J has no funds for the proposed field.
As SEHS is currently not in any neighborhood group and adjoins three existing neighborhood areas, this proposal is going before three different neighborhood associations.
After discussion about whether the proposal was a good idea and a proposal suited to the Neighborhood Matching Grants Program, the S.C. voted 7-0 not to approve the proposal at the pre-check stage.

Amazon Neighbors Mission & Goals:
There was little time to discuss this, but it will be carried to the March meeting. Work at the Neighborhood Summit and earlier meetings of Amazon Neighbors will be used as starting points for this discussion.

Thanks for cookies, Wilma!
Minutes submitted by Erik Muller

January 17, 2007
(Notes, not Minutes - yet)

1. Introductions, acceptance of previous minutes,

2. Announcements included a link to the Bicycle Strategic Plan and that eight Neighbors have signed up to attend the Neighborhood Summit with the city on Feb 17, 2007.

3. Temple Beth Israel's proposal for a Neighborhood Matching Grant for landscaping at TBI's new synagogue in the neighborhood was discussed. The focus would be on symbolic, sustainable plaints and trees that would enhance the neighborhood. It would include education in the form of public lectures and plaques on the property to welcome and strengthen neighborhood relationships.

4. The structure, purpose, and PR plans for the Valentine's Day Potluck were discussed. The city provides $200 for social purposes for neighborhood gatherings, so the decision to purchase vegetarian curry from Taste of India was made.

From the City Council Policies regarding our purpose:

"The overall Mission of Neighborhood Associations, per the Eugene City Council May 12, 1999 is to build community at the neighborhood level and improve the livability of the neighborhood by:

a) sponsoring neighborhood improvment projects and social events;

b) providing a forum to identify, discuss and resolve neighborhood issues:

c) establishing two-way communication between neighborhoods and the City, and between bneighborhoods and other external agencies;

d) educating neighbors on issues, public process, City services, and elections;

e) identifying and advocating the Neighborhood Associations's position on issues such as land use, transportation, public safety, and social services."

5. Administrative items included signatures for the bank account, adding folks to the email lists (neighborhood and steering committee), voting Bob Cassidy onto the Steering Committee, thanking Wilma wholeheartedly for the cookies, considering useful items to add to the website (such as a link to crime stats and the Oregon Sexual Predator site), quick meeting evaluation, and a beginning next month's agenda.

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