Amazon Neighborhood Association

24th to 30th Avenues
Amazon Park to Agate Street
Eugene, Oregon






In the late 1990s, Whitey Leuck led walking tours through the Amazon neighborhood. He has generously provided several of his tours that can effectively be self-guided. The dates of the original tours are still visible on the tour sheets.

The tours are available as PDFs that you can download and print out on your own computer. You will need the Acrobat Reader program, which is downloadable at no charge from here if you don't already have it (you probably do).

Each tour is two pages and includes a narrative indicating the species, which is coded to a map of the neighborhood with approximate locations marked.

**If for some reason your computer does not give you the tour itself but rather an error page, go up to the Browser Bar on the error page and change just the I in Images to a lowercase i then press enter or return.

We hope you enjoy these tours as much as we have.