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24th to 30th Avenues
Amazon Park to Agate Street
Eugene, Oregon



HISTORY, More Recent

We had in mind for this page an eclectic history of the neighborhood, such as when the Masonic Cemetery was built, where the old trolly lines and turn-arounds were, how the streets have changed, more about the oldest homes in the area, some of the playful things the neighborhood has enjoyed (caroling, Fourth of July parades, Valentine Potlucks, etc) as well as some of the issues that have brought the neighborhood together (traffic calming survey, chirping crosswalks lights, etc).

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Recent Past  (you are here) More Distant Past

Synagogue's Groundbreaking Ceremony
Temple Beth Israel's ceremony on September 10, 2006 broke ground for the new synagogue at 29th and University Streets in our neighborhood. Construction is to begin as of the end of September and continue for one year. The Amazon Neighbors steering committee asked Martha Osgood to represent you at that celebration. The text of her message follows:

"For seventeen years, my husband and I have lived across the street. We have had ringside seats as we've watched the various incarnations of this site. After the synagogue purchased the site, we watched the previous building come down--slowly and carefully because you chose to recycle large parts of it.

"We decided then and there that you were going to be good neighbors, and since then you have further proved that first impression true. You held bar and bat mitzvah service projects to remove bricks and rock and rubble, you have kept the tall grass under control, you have saved the beautiful, old, flowering Hawthorne tree on the corner, you have kept us informed of your architectural progress with presentations and updates, and you have welcomed us to your celebrations - the most recent being Sukkoth earlier this year.

"As the representative of the Amazon Neighborhood Association, I looked high and low for the Keys to the Neighborhood to award to you in honor of this occasion. But there are no gates to the neighborhood. And thus no keys are needed. We therefore offer our heartfelt congratulations on your congregation's successes, on your progress toward this exciting groundbreaking event, and we, the Amazon Neighbors, officially extend to you our warmest welcome."


Amazon Park Enhancements
Carolyn Weiss of the Eygene Parks Department brought a map to help illustrate what was happening in Amazon Park. new bike paths, trees, playing fields with better drainage, a a restroom are in the plans, completed by January 2006. Benches cost about $15,000 to install, and may need to be "endowed" by members of the public in the name or memory of loved ones. A bridge across Amazon Creek is planned in the future, as is a gazebo and native wetlands plantings. The dogpark at the south end of the park has been extended to the top of the berm following the curve of Amazon Parkway, and more trees are to be planted there. At the moment there are no plans to update the skateboard park.

Hilyard Street Traffic Lane Changes
In mid-2006he City of Eguene added a signal and removed at least 6 parking spaces along Hilyard at 26th St to make room for a left turn lane into Amazon Park at the pool. There has been some discussion on just how these changes can best be implemented, but there may still be some disagreement as to the impact to the neighborhood and on the houses fronting on Hilyard at 26th.

Flooding of January 2006 - this is the winter when we had measurable rainfall for 30 out of 31 days, often an inch or more, starting Dec 18, 2005.

Amazon Park looking across to the dog park and the LRAPA trailer

Amazon Park bike path facing north just past the skatepark

30th Avenue Bike Underpass facing south