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Eugene Masonic Cemetery

This community treasure is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Remarkably, it is also an active, operating cemetery. Established in 1859, Eugene’s first cemetery includes pioneers, such as city founder Eugene Skinner, and modern notables like blues disc jockey “Rooster” Gavin Fox.

The cemetery retains “Masonic” in its name, as an important historic reference, but is no longer officially affiliated. Through the on-going work of many, the historical importance and natural beauty of this woodland setting are being rediscovered and protected.

The last Sunday of each month, from 1 to 4 pm, the Hope Abbey Mausoleum is open to the public, and the garden shed is staffed by EMCA volunteers. They answer questions and provide special insights.

The Masonic Cemetery, with the support of the Amazon Neighbors Steering Committee, is applying for a grant to make a more welcoming entrance at northwest corner of the cemetery, with some refinements along 25th Street.

For more information from the Cemetery's own website, visit:

Cemetery Dog Policy

The Eugene Masonic Cemetery is privately owned and operated by the Eugene Masonic Cemetery Association, a non-profit organization. As a site listed in the National Register of Historic Places, and an operating cemetery licensed by the state of Oregon, we are required to develop policies to maintain the cemetery's dignity, safety and historic/natural resources.

Owners and Dogs as Visitors

Leash policy. The Masonic Cemetery Association empathizes with residence who have traditionally used the cemetery to leisurely walk their dogs. Our policy is the same as the City of Eugene's policy: all dogs are to be on a leash. However, it is extremely difficult to implement that policy, given our natural boundaries and small staff. Most dog owners who choose to violate this policy keep their dogs close and under control, and we do not respond to these benign situations.

However, there are situations we will strongly respond to. An unleashed dog is not under control if an individual reports that they have been attacked or intimidated by the dog. If a dog destroys sensitive plant material or attacks/intimidates other animals, we will respond. First we will try to clarify the situation with the dog's owner and ask for cooperation. If this fails and complaints persist, we will notify the dog's owner that the dog is not allowed to visit the cemetery unleashed. We will then notify Lane County Animal Authority, who will fine the owner.

Pick It Up and Pack It Out. Dog owners must pick up all dog waste and dispose of it at their own residence. Do not place plastic bags of dog waste inside portable toilet.

Contemporary public dog parks in Amazon Park, the Morse Ranch, and near Autzen Stadium are better choices for owners who wish to vigorously exercise their dogs off-leash. We ask that you respect the nature of the area and those who use it for its primary purpose, a private cemetery.

See also City Dog Park Rules