Amazon Neighborhood Association

24th to 30th Avenues
Amazon Park to Agate Street
Eugene, Oregon



Dog Parks

Amazon Park - 22nd-34th between Amazon Parkway and Hilyard Streets in South Eugene
Alton Baker Park - 237 acres on both sides of the Willamette River near Ferry Street Bridge
Candlelight Park - at Royal and Candlelight in Bethel-Danebo
Wayne Morse Ranch at 595 Crest Drive in South Eugene


Parks Policies, City of Eugene
1.050 PETS.
(1) No pet shall be left unattended and unsupervised in a City park or open space area.

(2) Dogs are prohibited in park and open space areas posted as no dog areas.

(3) A dog brought into or kept in all other park and open space areas shall be on a leash not more than 8 feet in length, or confined in a vehicle, and must be kept under control at all times.

(4) No dog may deposit solid waste matter on an park or open space property unless the dog’s owner immediately removes the solid waste.

(5) A dog’s owner is responsible for the dog’s behavior at all times while the dog is in the park or open space area.

(6) Authorized City employees may require a person in charge of an animal to undertake any measure, including the removal of the animal from the park or open space area, necessary to prevent interference by the animal with the safety, comfort, or well-being of park or open space area visitors or resources.

(7) No person may ride, drive, lead, or keep a horse, livestock, or any other animal in a park or open space area except on roads, trails, or areas specifically designated for that purpose, except by special authorization from the City.

(8) No animal may be hitched to a tree or shrub in a manner that endangers the tree or shrub.

(9) Dogs may be allowed to run off-leash if the City has explicitly given written authorization for the off-leash activity. Dogs may also be allowed to run off-leash in officially designated and signed off-leash dog areas at Candlelight Park, Wayne Morse Ranch, Alton Baker Park, and Amazon Parkway, provided:
     (a) The dog is properly licensed and has received required vaccinations (rabies);
     (b) The dog’s owner:
          1. Removes any solid waste deposited by the dog;
          2. Keeps the dog within the designated area during all times it is off-leash;
          3. Secures the dog by adequate leash when entering or leaving the designated area;
          4. Does not take a female dog in estrus into a designated area when other dogs are present, or, if already within a designated area, removes such female dog in estrus when other dogs enter the area; and
          5. Is present in the designated area and has voice control of his or her dog. The authorization contained herein shall not extend to a dog classified as a potentially dangerous dog, which must remain secured by an adequate leash during any time it is present within a designated offleash dog area. No dog shall be permitted to fight, bite, or bark excessively while in a designated off-leash dog area, and the owner of a dog fighting, biting, or barking excessively may be cited therefor and/or required to remove his or her dog from the off-leash area.

More Parks Rules PDF

Masonic Cemetery Dog Policy

The Eugene Masonic Cemetery is privately owned and operated by the Eugene Masonic Cemetery Association, a non-profit organization. As a site listed in the National Register of Historic Places, and an operating cemetery licensed by the state of Oregon, we are required to develop policies to maintain the cemetery's dignity, safety and historic/natural resources.

Owners and Dogs as Visitors
Leash policy.
The Masonic Cemetery Association empathizes with residence who have traditionally used the cemetery to leisurely walk their dogs. Our policy is the same as the City of Eugene's policy: all dogs are to be on a leash. However, it is extremely difficult to implement that policy, given our natural boundaries and small staff. Most dog owners who choose to violate this policy keep their dogs close and under control, and we do not respond to these benign situations.

However, there are situations we will strongly respond to. An unleashed dog is not under control if an individual reports that they have been attacked or intimidated by the dog. If a dog destroys sensitive plant material or attacks/intimidates other animals, we will respond. First we will try to clarify the situation with the dog's owner and ask for cooperation. If this fails and complaints persist, we will notify the dog's owner that the dog is not allowed to visit the cemetery unleashed. We will then notify Lane County Animal Authority, who will fine the owner.

Pick It Up and Pack It Out. Dog owners must pick up all dog waste and dispose of it at their won residence. Do not place plastic bags of dog waste inside portable toilet.

Contemporary public dog parks in Amazon Park, the Morse Ranch, and near Autzen Stadium are better choices for owners who wish to vigorously exercise their dogs off-leash. We ask that you respect the nature of the area and those who use it for its primary purpose, a private cemetery.

For more information from the Cemetery's own website, visit: