Amazon Neighborhood Association

24th to 30th Avenues
Amazon Park to Agate Street
Eugene, Oregon




Things to improve or change, Things we love about the Amazon Neighborhood - From the February 2005 General Meeting and later

Alleys - whether to pave or not, to improve the alley on 25th between University and Masonic Cemetery - it is used by bicyclists and walkers, limit to residents, when gravel bed is damaged have party responsible pay for the repair, crompromise between passable and paved, signed but not maintained...

Upgrade of picnic area and playground at Amazon Park

Traffic calming devices - intersection "woonerfs" or other methods

In-fill design standards, commuters, land use code

Logo identity for neighborhood

Welcome students into neighborhood with a Fall Feed and Welcome Packets of neighborhood information

Get to know neighbors better -
Block parties? Neighborhood clean-up parties? Invasive species removal parties?

Abandoned cars, dealing with

Abandoned garbage, dealing with

Dangerous trees on private property

Homes facing the street are pedestrian-friendly

Hand delivery of the neighborhood association newsletter

The QUIET - Can anything be done about yard crews with heavy equipment, noisy employees at the nursing home on 28th and University, the too early morning garbage collection?


From the February 21, 2007, Amazon Neighbors Steering Committee Meeting

Listed as offered:
* value of lots uncertain, valuation deflated because of no recent county updates
* connected houses should have but some do not have owner residents; enforcement is complaint-driven
* a buildable land inventory, current and by neighborhood, can be useful for deliberations about siting and infill
* what about incentives for lot owners to sell, especially larger lots?
* single-family units do not have design standards (3+ units do, but are not R1, the dominant zoning for Amazon Neighborhood)
* current Kincaid Street request for lot dividing not guided by compatibility standards, though Amazon Neighbors should respond to the land owner’s request
* timely notification and genuine involvement necessary
* what about purpose statements for land use applications?
* some two-story remodels or secondary dwellings not appropriate to setting
* parking issues of 4 bedroom rentals; on-lawn parking a problem
* alleys need improvements if they access new housing
* alley parking blocks through traffic
* UO needs to be included in neighborhood discussions of siting & infill
* are there any sites suited to opportunity siting? along Hilyard and reducing driveways? aggregating lots? row houses? transition/buffer between arterial roadways and single-family residential
* in R1 14 units allowable per acre
* alley potholes and traffic calming, repair or not; alley paving and speeding
* what % of our neighborhood is rental? a growing %?
* quality of life/ livability needs to factored in

Follow up suggestions:
* Receive e-mail from Terri Harding & visit website: infill compatibility/opportunity siting
* Tour the neighborhood with Terri Harding to see infill, buildable lots, etc.
* Amazon Neighbors S.C. send Teri Harding these points (Letter) and a more considered response to these issues and opportunities
* Stay involved with these issues at the neighborhood and city levels

Public Comment Letter from ANA re: panhandle lot division