Amazon Neighborhood Association

24th to 30th Avenues
Amazon Park to Agate Street
Eugene, Oregon



Amazon Neighborhood Resources Network..(ANRN)

If you are interested in offering to your neighbors any surplus of “stuff”, or your passion and energy, we strongly encourage you to join listserv of the informal ANRN. It is an email listserv where members can post offerings or “wanted” ads to the (subscribed) Amazon community members. Interested parties can then get directly in touch with each other, and take it from there.

Examples of what list members might have to offer include:

Around the garden:
• Excess amounts of harvested vegetables.
• Gardening space.
• Fruit trees that need harvesting or pruning.
• Rainwater catchment for garden use.
• Knowledge of native landscaping plants.
• Compost pile or worm bin.
Around the house:
• Repair skills (appliances, tools, clothing).
• Skills related to food preservation.
• Energy and water efficiency expertise.
• Healthy home expertise.
• Wood working skills.
Around the family:
• Childcare.
• A ride to/from the doctor.
• Home schooling.
• Potlucks / Book clubs.
Around transportation and vehicles:
• Car sharing.
• Repair skills (bikes, tools).
• A ride to/from the airport.

The primary purpose if this Network is not to initiate or facilitate commercial or bartering transactions, rather to make available to the Amazon community any excess goods or skills that might otherwise go to waste.

Subscribe here by sending your name and email address.

This email list, called Resources, is administered by Peter Reppe 541-914-8560 and Martha Osgood 541-484-1180.

Unless and until the volume of daily emails gets too high, postings will be forwarded directly to all Resources list subscribers. If the volume increases dramatically, you can ask to shift to daily digests, or we will look into creating a searchable online database. No matter what, a powerful spam filter will prevent any new junk messages.