Amazon Neighborhood Association

24th to 30th Avenues
Amazon Park to Agate Street
Eugene, Oregon




• Say hello to people passing by
• Develop an informal reporting system between neighbors
• Keep track of parties
• Watch out for dogs
• Get a dog
• Lock your garage
• Keep the car in the garage
• Don't put outgoing mail in the mailbox at home
• Talk to your neighbors
• Use motion sensor lights outside
• Simplify your lifestyle
• Be visible
• Know your neighbors
• Be conscientious in reporting crimes
• Shred stuff
• Secure your property
• Lock your windows and doors
• Don't park bicycles outside
• Keep garage door closed
• Never leave car running
• Close blinds at night and when gone
• Don't hide extra car key in or on car
• Put valuables in trunk or take with you
• Repair window damage promptly
• Don't leave garage door opener in vehicle
• Be conscious of your surroundings
• Use a house-sitter when gone for longer than overnight
• Use interior lighting when away

Considerate Partying Reminders

Good Outdoor Lighting

• Shine light down to where it’s needed, not up or sideways.
• Don’t overlight—use lighting levels that are appropriate
for the situation.
• Turn off lights when they’re not needed or use motion sensors.
• Reduce the number of parking lot lights that are illuminated
after hours.
• Use energy-efficient lights and fixtures (a 25-watt focused light
can often do the same job as a 100-watt unfocused light).
To read the entire lighting code, Eugene Code Section 9.6725, go to

Eugene Outdoor Lighting Advisory Group
P.O. Box 3773
Eugene, Oregon 97403