Eugene’s Annual Leaf Program

Although residents are encouraged to use their leaves as compost or mulch, the City of Eugene offers a curbside leaf collection service in the fall and winter to keep leaves from plugging the storm drainage system and degrading water quality in local streams.
Here are some tips if you decide to pile leaves in the street:
• Pile leaves well away from catch basins. If a catch basin does plug, scrape the leaves away from the grate.
• Remove leaves from sidewalks. Wet, slippery leaves are a hazard to pedestrians.
• Avoid putting leaves in bike lanes. If you must deposit leaves in a bike lane, place them in rows so they do not block the flow of water, and leave at least half the bike lane clear.
• Place your leaves so they do not obstruct the flow of traffic. Piles that even partially block a traffic lane can cause motorists to swerve into oncoming traffic.
• Leave plenty of room between leaf piles and parked cars.
• Keep your leaf pile clean. Don’t mix leaves with branches, rocks, or lawn clippings because that make it difficult to reuse the leaves for mulch or compost.
• Please wait to put leaves in the street until the weekend before before the scheduled pickup in your area. Leaves placed in the street too early tend to blow around or get washed into storm drains.

Eugene Public Works Maintenance crews follow a regular collection schedule. Improved streets with storm drainage systems receive first priority for leaf removal. Bike lanes along arterials are picked up weekly.

For more information, call Eugene’s Leaf Program Hotline at 682-5383, or visit the web at then click on the leaf link.

To request leaf delivery, fill out a form available on the web at or by calling 682-4800.

To report plugged drains or flooding problems, call Eugene Public Works Maintenance at 682-4800.